Improve the Power & Economy of your vehicle

Diesel Power Plus fuel additive - Just £15.95 (inc VAT)

A Large number of performance benefits


Diesel Power Plus is a fuel additive which can be added to every tank of fuel to help improve your car or van’s performance or fuel economy and offers a large number of performance benefits ranging from:

A Cetane Booster for more power

Improving fuel economy, so getting more miles for your pound

Acts as an injector cleaner which can provide longer component life.

Diesel Power Plus also helps in reducing smoke and emissions along with combustion noise.

It has been extensively tested both in the laboratory and in the field with impressive results improving fuel economy and power in almost all diesel vehicles.

Just add 30ml to every tank of fuel every time you fill up for maximum performance or once every month for optimum power & economy.

It’s extra concentrated so one bottle of Diesel Power Plus will last you 12 months (when added monthly).

Pick your bottle from us for just £15.95!!

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